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During Pregnancy the change in posture, abdominal lengthening or separation (Diastasis), ligament laxity and then vaginal or cesarian delivery can all have an effect on your body and return to previous levels of strength. The MummyMOT is designed to pick up these problems and ensure safe return to function and exercise. We are also expert in pelvic pain and SPD during Pregnancy.

The Mummy MOT consists of an in depth post natal check especially for the new mummy

1-hour post-natal assessment with a Specialist

Pelvic floor strength and tummy gap check

Assessment of problems arising from your pregnancy and birth

A bespoke post natal recovery programme

It is confidential, private & relaxed


Back pain

Pelvic pain


Slow post natal recovery

We Offer:

Confidence in your recovery

Highly specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists

Safe, graduated return to exercise/function

Avoid long term issues, come early and get your tummy gap and pelvic floor assessed.

Start your optimal post natal recovery programme now.


See our leaflets for advice on how to prevent back or pubic pain in pregnancy or come to our antenatal pilates classes where you can exercise safely and listen to a 10 minute education session at the start of each class to ensure you are best informed about your pregnancy and birth by specialist physiotherapists. We will support you through your pregnancy and be available for any concerns you may have.