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Remote Working Ergonomics

Looking at the first picture you can probably guess how uncomfortable I was, pinching at my neck, rounded back and shoulders, reaching forward and repeatedly extending my wrists to type. Postures like this can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, back pain and also prevent you from being able to work in beautiful locations. All you need to do is spend a bit of time planning your work space.

The second picture isn't perfect by any means but it allowed me to work for several hours without pain. I got up and had a stretch and had a walk a couple of times and of course lots of tea and cake from the local cafe. The key things I feel are having a separate Keyboard and ideally a Mouse, although I didn't have room for one here. I am also using @nextstand for my laptop which I have found to be the best one to gain a good height. I also added a pillow to the seat to gain a better height at the table and a pillow in my back to help maintain an upright posture.

Please come and see me for more advice on how to get comfortable at your work station.

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