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I have a lovely quiet clinic in a rural location. There is plenty of parking and field views for miles. 

Physiotherapy and Pilates

71 Rectory Road

Little Oakley


Tel: 07740714804


Areas of Expertise

Pregnancy Pain, Postnatal recovery, MummyMOT, Menopause, Bladder and Bowel problems, Ergonomics and Display Screen Equipment assessment and advice.

I have been a Physiotherapist for many years. I have worked across all areas of specialism including Respiratory, Stroke, Elderly, Orthopaedics etc. I have worked within the NHS, holding joint clinics with Consultants, and also Privately, with top Therapists throughout the UK and all over the world. I believe that Physiotherapy can really make a difference to lives and I love being able to spend time working with people to achieve their goals.

Please contact me. I will be happy to chat with you to see how I can help.

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